Top Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

Reputation Station is the market leader in Reputation Management in Australia. Here we provide some of the best tips for managing your online reputation.

Firstly… Ensure that you have all major social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest.

If you have these already, and are not using them correctly, you will find that these can actually be negative for your reputation. This is why we help manage these for you, and fill them with unique, fresh content that promotes your company. We also help you with all privacy settings so that people can not hurt your business by writing complaints without moderation.

Number two is setting Google alerts. This is a free reputation management tool, and it allows you to know, and be alerted when people comment on you or your business online.

When they mention your company name you get an alert. This allows you to react quickly to negative search results and also reply to customers that are saying good things!

Acknowledging good comments really helps build your online reputation.

Three: Be careful what you put online! it’s great to have social media as part of your business but saying the wrong things, writing too much, or are you not writing enough can harm your reputation.

If you are hounding and bothering your customers with annoying updates that they don’t really want, this can cause bad feelings in your customer base. So when you do write something… Make sure its useful!

Four: One of the most important factors in managing your online reputation is to actually provide a good service!

If you provide a good service or product you get natural positive reviews. These are all fundamental to a good online image and strengthening your brand. This is especially important in a very competitive market, and this translates to the Internet.

The flipside of this is if you give bad service, or have poor quality products, or terrible customer service… It does not stand up to scrutiny. You can almost guarantee you bad feedback and complaints online. Scam reports, social media complaints, forum comments, and news articles can destroy a business’ reputation… So this is something that must be done on and off the Internet.

5 —
Build your online brand by becoming a market leader in providing free information for your clients.

By creating videos, infographics and articles that actually give value and help potential customers, you become an authority in the marketplace.

Some people shy away from giving out free content… But this is what the Internet is based on! It is very important to change your mindset, and start providing something for free! Your customer base will love you for it, and you will build a reputation based on something good.

Ask customers for truthful, honest reviews when you give them a good experience!

If a customer calls to congratulate you on your product or service then point them to a review website and ask them to give an honest appraisal of your work.

You’ll find that many customers will only be too happy to give you good feedback, and this really helps to build a natural, positive online reputation for your business.

Never argue with your customers online!

If you find that customers are complaining about your business, and are not happy with your service or products… it is always best to give them a free phone number or an email to take the conversation off-line.

It is also very useful to apologize and take responsibility when you are in the wrong! Arguing with customers online only gives you a very negative image, and this will colour the views of potential customers, as well as feed your competitors. If they see that you are becoming angry and abusive to other customers it feeds the fire… Not to mention making this negative content rank higher in search results!!!

Complete Online Reputation Management

… And finally! If you’re concerned about your online image, and you have some negative search results, contact us today for a free reputation management consultation!

We ensure that all of the points above are used in our reputation management strategies. We use the tools and social media profiles in order to create a network that will strengthen and increase your online brand image!

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