Removing Negative Content from Search Results

Negative search results damage your brand image and credibility. So they need to be deleted,  removed, hidden, replaced or repaired.

When you search for your business and find negative content you look terrible. Bad press is one thing, but in the past a story would come and go. When it’s on the first page of Google everyone can see it and everyone will decide that your business is not credible and trustworthy.

A bad review and complaint about your business tells everyone not to do business with you. So you need to repair the damage to your business reputation.

Are people saying bad things about you on the internet?negative-comments-about-my-business-damage-reputation

Customers believe what people say about you online. If they are saying bad things, complaining about you, giving you negative reviews or anything that is less than complimentary… people are going to see it. It shows up in search results and harms your business. Would you do business with a company that has a bad reputation?

Repairing Your Internet Reputation

We develop strategies to defend, protect and repair the reputation of businesses and individuals. It always depends on what the negative is, and how much there is. A very important factor is what how credible the website is that has bad things to say about you.

If you have a news article on a national newspaper it holds more weight than a small blog. These often get syndicated as well so the negative comments spread and appear in multiple searches.


Why do negative comments about my company rank so high in search engines?

When you find a negative search result you will notice that in many cases it will rank on page 1 and does not shift. The longer that a bad search result stays on page 1, the stronger it becomes.

Bad Press won’t just disappear, it needs to be replaced.

This is why we develop a protective network of positive information that appeals to the thousands of ranking factors that search engines have.

Can I delete bad things from search engines?

In most cases you can’t delete or remove negative content on the Internet. So you must hide it. Hiding and replacing negative content with positive information that you control is the key to managing your image. We develop a complete protective barrier that is highly optimised and engineered to dominate page 1.

Negative content ranks well for many reasons:

  • The authority of the website that it is on
  • The amount of people who have viewed it
  • The daily and monthly visits to the site
  • The ranking factors or the particular page
  • The occurrence of your name/business in the negative content
  • The amount of social media shares and attention it has
  • The age of the website
  • The authority of the content provider
  • The strength of competing websitesfree-internet-reputation-management-quote-help-repair-damage

In order to repair and control your online reputation you must take serious measures to tackle it.

Reputation Station provide compressive services to protect and manage the internet image of businesses and individuals. We can help you too.

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