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reputation-management-guide.jpgIt’s all about Reputation Management isn’t it?

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. If someone is writing negative stuff about you online, it’s pretty rude! Some things are in public interest so you have to be mindful of that.

But if it’s some angry competitor that’s trying to take you down by writing fake bad things about you… That’s rude. You don’t want that kind of rudeness.

You Need To Protect Your Online Reputation!

So here are some fantastic tips to repairing your online reputation. When people search for you they should see what you want them to see. So let’s begin to think about what needs to happen for you to go from being in trouble to being secure…

Put out good things and good things will come back to you!

protect-reputation-managementYou know, we deal with a lot of businesses. And in business you have your favourite clients, and you have the clients that are more trouble than they are worth.

We help businesses deal with the fallout when clients or competitors attack without warning.

But it’s very very important that you can protect your image in case someone writes unfair and unnecessary negative things about you. Make no mistake, when potential customers read bad things about you, it seriously damages your credibility.


1 -Take control of your online reputation

In order to effectively manage your reputation on the internet you have to develop websites, social media channels, blogs, articles and a network of online profiles that will strengthen and protect your reputation.

So first up you have register the websites and develop them. You have to fill them with a lot of positive information and make sure the websites are high on content. These websites also need to link to other positive websites, have optimised settings like Sitemaps, SEO plugins, complete page titles, descriptions, alt tags etc…

2 – Social Media is a very powerful reputation management tool

Just registering social media channels won’t do anything to repair your online reputation. They have to be developed and interlinked with the rest of the network. They also need to be updated! You can’t just sit there and hope for it to rank on page… It won’t. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to protect your online reputation you have to be prepared to work for it.

3 – Tools to repair your Reputation Online


As well as the tools we have mentioned you can use Google Alerts to send you a messages every time people mention your name or business on the internet. This is a free reputation management tool so definitely use this!

4- All Businesses need to manage their reputation

If you run a business and you are not actively managing you online reputation you need to really get that sorted! Its your business and you have to make the steps to protect yourself. It can be taken down at any time if you don’t have the network available to defend your integrity.


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