Changing AutoComplete Suggested Terms in Google Searches

What affects Auto Suggest?

There are many factors that affects what Google displays as a suggested search term. The algorithm searches related content and finds patterns and connections within web pages that it has indexed. As well as the content in websites, it takes into account variations of searches for a particular word. For example, if there are a number of searches that include words like scam, complaints and reviews, and Google finds these words within related content, it is possible for them to be added to the Auto Suggest.

However, it is not simply a case of searching over and over for a phrase in order to get it listed as a suggestion. Their algorithms are far more complex. read on to see what Google themselves say about this feature.

Why is the negative suggestion showing?

The search queries that you see as part of Autocomplete reflect what other people are searching for and the content of web pages. If there are pages that mention complaints, fraud or something negative that is affecting your reputation, then the first part of their algorithm is complete. If searches are then made for these terms, AND the links are clicked on, this begins to fulfill their algorithm requirements. Click Through Rate (CTR) is very important, as sending a lot of traffic to a search term will not be able to affect the auto complete if the visitors do not then go on to click a link that shows up.

Can I remove the negative auto suggest words?
It is damaging my reputation… What can I do?

If your name or company is associated with words like SCAM, Complaints, Reviews, liars, criminal etc… is really hurts your image. People do not trust or want to do business with a company that has negative connotations, search results or suggestions when they look for you in Google.

Google has a page has talked about it’s function and we have learned how to affect it and change it so that negative auto-suggests have

In case you wondered, you can’t turn off Autocomplete because it’s built into Google Search to help you search for information faster and easier. In order to protect your image you have to be able to manipulate and control what displays when people search.


How autocomplete works

When you choose a search prediction, you do a search using that prediction as your search term.

What Google Say

Autocomplete predictions are automatically generated by an algorithm without any human involvement. The algorithm is based on a number of objective factors, including how often others have searched for a word.

The algorithm is designed to reflect the range of info on the web. So just like the web, the search terms you see might seem strange or surprising.

Note: Our algorithm automatically detects and excludes a small set of search terms.

The key point here is that search terms can be excluded, so if you are trying to change what shows up in the suggested terms, you have to make sure you don’t do anything that looks spammy to Google. The algorithm is constantly being updated and altered so it is becoming better at knowing when unnatural actions are happening.


How long does it take to change Auto-Suggest?

There are reasons why a related search term is not showing up…

If no predictions appear for a particular word or topic, it could be that:

  • The search term isn’t popular enough.
  • The search term is too new. You might need to wait a few days or weeks to see predictions.

Google is not clear how quickly any new auto-suggestions will start to show. It takes a proven strategy to alter the results, as the complex algorithms have to accept the new data. In order to replace a well established negative suggestion you have to work at every fundamental level of search engine optimisation, and develop a process that is capable of clearing what is already there.





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