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Protect My Reputation

Can I protect my reputation? Yes it is very important to protect your reputation online. Whether you have bad search results for your name, or it’s your business that has come under threat from negative search results… you need to act decisively to repair the damage, and take back control of your online reputation. Can […]

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Protect Your Reputation Online

It is important to protect your online reputation!   If you don’t look after your image on the Internet, someone else can ruin it. You have to take steps to protect and manage search results for your name, or business, or whatever you wish to take control of. To really protect your online reputation you must […]

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How quickly can your reputation change?

Manny Pacquiao has been in the news this week having made some homophobic comments in public which have rapidly spread around the world, hugely damaging his reputation. A reputation is difficult to develop – often taking years to solidify in people’s minds – and can be damaged in an instant. For example today Manny Pacquiao […]

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How to repair a damaged reputation

Ignoring a damaged reputation won’t help… Your business can be damaged by being called a scam, or has some complaints that show up in search results you must take steps to repair the damage. When people search for your company in Google they are looking to see if you are good enough for them to […]

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How Reputation Management Helps

If you are suffering from negative search results the best way to repair your reputation is with online reputation management (ORM). Reputation Management allows you to take back control of what people see when they search for your business or your name online. When you have negative search results it really damages your credibility and […]

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Online Reputation Management Australia

If you have a bad reputation online you have to start to take control of your search results. By controlling what people see when they search for you, you can control what they think of you. Reputation Management in Australia We understand that Australian businesses have to compete on all fronts to succeed. If you […]

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Hiding Customer Complaints on Google

Having an angry customer is bad. Having them complain about you on a public forum is terrible. This really hurts your business reputation and makes your company a laughing stock. We have seen a lot of negative press over the years. From forum comments, to negative reviews, from social media blow ups to negative press-releases. […]

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Understanding the importance of online image and reputation

If you can understand reputation, you can understand how important it is in our lives. Not just how you are perceived online, but how people see in you in general. What people think of you. How that makes you feel. How you see yourself, and your identity. Need help repairing your online reputation? Contact us […]

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My Reputation Has Been Ruined!

We deal with a lot of people who have been harmed by negative things written about them online. If your reputation has been ruined by negative search results you will know how damaging this can be. When people search for you they see the bad things written about you, and can read anything that has […]

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Just how damaging is a bad reputation?

Reputation is something which you don’t normally think about unless you have a bad reputation. If you already have bad things being said about you on the Internet, you will know how good it is to have good reputation. Companies with bad reputation’s fail! When your customers are happy and your image is good, your […]

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