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Pre-Emptive Reputation Management – Brand Protection in Tough Times

To formulate a method to counteract some negative online information that could be gaining traction in both Google and for the popular social networking platform Facebook. Considering that we do something about reputation management enquiries often, what makes this circumstance so special?

Well the client in question (kept confidential for obvious reasons) has on a quarter of a billion dollars worth of products that you can purchase and you better believe that the type of consumers which would be considering purchasing his products will be researching both his company plus the products in great length before deciding to do business together with each other. We discussed his deep regret in the fact that he had simply overlooked the need to engage in pre-emptive repute management for his small business.

As a direct response to this negative online vulnerability, the clients offline and additionally online reputation is suffering badly which however is having a terrifying affect on his revenue.

Revenue and Reputation – The 2 main major edged sword online


It is obviously an incredibly well known fact that businesses around Australia and all over the world are flocking to websites like moths to a bulb to market their products. While many companies will be facing daily operational challenges in order to stay alive, our SEO company and companies belonging to the like are thriving because of the internet rapidly becoming for a few, the one and only destination for a market their business. A well oiled digital marketing strategy is certain to increase the revenue for any business whether you are actually strictly an online, or possibly bricks and mortar small business.

But what happens when everything goes horribly wrong?

Let my family guess, you have been running a wonderfully profitable and successful business in the past offering a first class services to businesses or individuals? As the age aged adage suggests, the customer is obviously right – but even as know all too well, there is always one customer which you simply cannot keep happy!

In age internet marketing, the most likely that if your business exists within an industry niche that is highly profitable then your competition amongst the search words your wanting to rank your business interest for will be highly popular, except for one search term, your brand name! 99 from 100 business are left exposed and helpless to defend themselves against this unwanted and they sometimes unfounded exposure.

When a disgruntled customer decides to look at their dissatisfaction to a higher level there are many ways that they may make a serious consequence online;

– Reporting to government regulatory bodies like the ACCC resulting in punitive measures.

– Posting to via the internet forums & review sites

– Use of an infatuated website to attack a person’s brand (or you branded? )

Enter the need intended for Pre-Emptive Reputation Management

Online Brand Protection for Australian Businesses

In the rapidly changing business scenery, where holding on to loyal customers could possibly difference between swimming or sinking for the business, you need to be taking into consideration the real value of investing in pre-emptive online reputation management for one’s business. Don’t wait until it’s all too late, because reputation management SEO will not be an overnight fix.

Very few businesses are established enough to cycle out the possible effects of the online reputation disaster. Investing in pre-emptive history management is much less expensive than reactive reputation supervision when something goes mistaken!



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