Bad Publicity Removal

The moment you read bad publicity about your company your heart drops…

It’s right there in the search results when you look for your company online, which means that everyone else searching for your services will find it too. It must be a terrible feeling. What if your competitors find it, and they pass it around? What if a potential customer reads it and decides to go with someone else? This is a very real, and tremendously damaging situation… So what can you do about it?

We specialise in removing bad publicity online

At Reputation Station we realise the importance of online reputation management. We are experts at Search Engine Optimisation, and we understand what it takes to replace negative content from a website with new content in order to push the offending website down in the rankings.

Once there is something negative about you or your company online there are only 2 ways to stop people seeing it. Either the content has to removed by the person that wrote it, or that content has to be pushed down in to the depths of the internet so that it can not be found. The problem with removing it outright, is that it’s just not practical. Even if you could contact the person that wrote it, why would they go out of their way to take it down when they felt passionate enough in the first place to post it?

There is also the danger of fanning the flames if you contact this person, because giving more attention to the problem can create even more trouble. What if that person decides to write a follow up, shares the post with someone else or a war of words erupts, whereby it’s possible that you could be dealing with more than one negative webpage?!

We have dealt with clients that have read negative comments about them in forums, and then registered on that forum, and replied to the initial post. DON’T EVER DO THIS! It’s the worst thing you can do. Engaging in online arguments is terrible for your business reputation, and it gives credibility to the cause of the original post because you are going after them on a public forum.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Station creates new articles, reviews, websites and social media profiles for you, and then optimises them to outrank the offending websites. This allows people searching for you to find a lot of positive information, pushes the negative out of sight, and most importantly allows you to have multiple platforms to communicate and engage with your customers.

If you have 5 positions on Google covered then you have 5 opportunities to reach them. And because you have full control over what content goes on these sites you can turn a negative in to a positive. You can connect with new customers, promote special offers, and inform them of company news. This allows you to dominate the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)  and take control of your online reputation.




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For many Australian businesses an online presence is essential if they are to compete nowadays; and having a negative online reputation can be disastrous for any company.

We replace these offending web pages with fresh and positive information about your company. By pushing these pages off the search engine results page (SERP) and then promoting your company instead, we turn a negative into a positive.

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We specialise in improving your online reputation and restoring your web brand image so contact us today to see how we can help you.

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